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Scrappy Applique is a raw-edge applique technique created by Shannon Brinkley. It is quick and simple to learn yet allows for a lot of creative possibilities! Classes are available in person or virtually, and led by Brooke who is a certified Scrappy Applique instructor. There are two types of classes to choose from, Program or Workshop, please see below for more details of each. 

*Many quilt guilds & stores schedule both classes; first day as a program & second day as a workshop

Scrappy Applique Program

Overview of the Scrappy Applique process, where students will get a basic understanding of the technique. The program also includes a quilt trunk show, displaying Scrappy Applique quilts. 

  • 45-60 mins in duration

  • Technique walk-through, high-level overview

  • Quilt trunk show, sharing samples of technqiue

Scrappy Applique Workshop

Walking through the Scrappy Applique process in detail, students will choose a pattern and work hands-on learning the Scrappy Applique technique.

  • Guild or shop to confirm duration of workshop

    • 3 hour​, 6 hour or 2 days

  • Technique walk-through, in detail

  • Samples shared throughout workshop

Interested in learning this fun and easy technique, contact me today to schedule a Scrappy Applique Program and/or Workshop for your quilt guild or store. 

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